I’m Grace Ling. I am a lifestyle blogger, optimist, runner, anime and food artist. I also enjoy learning and photography.

I’m a college sophomore majoring in Bioengineering and minoring in Computer Science/Engineering at Santa Clara University. I run for the Division 1 Cross Country and Track team. I also do research in the Bioengineering department, as well as write articles and take photos for Spoon University.

I’ve been drawing since 2011/2012 when I started a manga series called Candy’s Adventures during a cross country meet. I discovered digital art near the end of 2015. For the rest of high school, I drew almost every day until I got to college. I decided to focus more on my previous goal of going to medical school and becoming a neurosurgeon, being involved on campus, and focusing on my lifestyle blog. I put drawing aside for one and a half years. As of 2017, I started drawing at least three times a week. I discovered that drawing, running, and doing well in school in math/engineering topics make me feel the most fulfilled.

My life goals include running in the Singapore Olympic team and to be happy. I’m also working on an original biology-inspired simulation/RPG game called Cell-fie.

I have been blogging since 2014 over at my Tumblr. I also have multiple Instagram accounts dedicated to personal/running, food art, drawing, and studying/college life. I occasionally make YouTube videos, too. You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.



Programming: HTML/CSS, Java, Javascript

Adobe Photoshop/Fire Alpaca/Medibang

Social Media/Content Creation/Marketing

Mammalian and Bacterial Cell Culture

Story Writing

中文 (说,读,写)

Microsoft Office