Speaking Events

I enjoy giving live talks and workshops! I also do free talks and workshops, you can contact me via LinkedIn or email (graceling08@gmail.com).

I’ve also been on podcasts and interviews as well as featured in the media.


NUS BitHacks: Getting Started in UI/UX Design

Products By Women: The Power of Optimizing Your LinkedIn


Pueblo Science Hackathon: How to Craft a Hackathon Presentation Using Storytelling

Breaking Barriers: Internship Workshop

United Under Arts: Life of a UX Designer [upcoming]

Project Snapshot: Keynote Speaker & UI/UX Design Workshop [upcoming]


WFN Product Design Sprint: Landing a Design Internship as a Self Taught Designer

Microsoft Student Partners: Resolving User Challenges Using Design

Spectra: Landing a UX Design Internship as a Self-Taught Designer


TechOpps: Lessons Learned from Building the Fastest Growing Design Community

Event Page

Design Buddies & Augment: Design Intern Panel

Live Recording

Github: Building the Fastest Growing Design Community as a Student

Talk Recording

Helloo Hacks: Introduction to UI/UX Design

Organization Website

Augment: Ask me Anything Instagram Live

Live Recording

Figma Sri Lanka: Landing a Design Internship with $0 Spent

Talk Recording

Design Buddies & Breaking Barriers: UX Design & Software Engineering Internships: What School Doesn’t Teach You with Julia Lieberman

Augment: Resume Roast

Live Recording


AIGA Portfolio Festival: How to Network When You Can’t Do It in Person

Girls Make Games: Breaking into the Games Industry from a Non-Traditional Background


Worldwide Creators Conference: Build Your Personal Brand and Network

Conference Site

Figma Lahore: Learning Design From Unconventional Path

Talk Recording

Fresh Out The Bay Live Podcast: Finding Motivation in Demotivating Times

Live Recording


San Jose State University: Changing Career Paths: Art and Technology



Los Altos High School STEAM Week: Combining Technology and Art: How I Taught Myself How To Make My Own Virtual Reality Game and Art Side Business as a College Student

Talk Brief