Virtual Reality and 3D Modeling

This portfolio highlights several projects – Cell-fie (my passion project), original animations, and Biological Phenomena (research with a professor)


The inspiration from Cell-fie combines my pre-med background, passion for games and art, and desire to inspire more girls to pursue STEM. Cell-fie is estimated to be released in 2020, available on the Oculus store.

Demo Reel


Development Process

Cell-fie VR Final Presentation (PDF)

Tools: Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, and Unreal Engine

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Plant Cell Inspired Chess Board




Still Life With a Twist – Beary Nice Toast



Biological Phenomena

I worked with Dr. Jim Grainger, Ph.D. to develop educational virtual reality experiences for Santa Clara University’s biology curriculum. I’ve created animations of DNA, blood cell flow, cell division, tumor growth, and more.

Demo Reel

Tools: Molecular Maya, ChimeraX, and Unity3D