Cell-fie Concept and Characters © Grace Ling 2017 – 2019

Cell-fie is a biology-inspired virtual reality role-playing and simulation game that aims to gamify learning created by Grace Ling.

Why “Cell-fie”?

The name, “Cell-fie” is inspired by act of taking selfies. Players create their own character that resembles themselves, then obtain abilities of different organelles and cells as they level up and complete quests.

Awesome! Can I see a gameplay demo?

Of course! Here’s my latest video:

Wow, that’s so cool. Can you tell me more?

Yes! The goal in Cell-fie is to evolve into an organism. Users start off as an organelle, then can gain levels by doing quests to evolve a cell, then finally an organism. Through this process, they will learn about the biological concepts along the way in an interactive environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about my design process, check out my presentation linked below:

Cell-fie VR Final Presentation (PDF)

Press Releases

1. Santa Clara University Home Page – December 2017

Article link

2. VR Meets Biology Meets Video Games: Introducing Cell-fie – February 2018

3. Grace Ling Leads Cell-fie Team to Imagine Basic Biology in Game Environment – February 2018

4. Meet Grace Ling: Cell-fie’s Team Leader – April 2018

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