iRunGracePace: Personal Brand Design

My journey in personal branding started when I was in third grade. I taught myself HTML through customizing my Neopets profile.

When I was in 9th grade, I began to publish my art on DeviantArt and Instagram where I hosted contests for people to draw my original characters and did art trades with my community. I was the leader of one of the top guilds on my MapleStory server.  Through my leadership, I’ve organized boss battles with my guildmates.

In 11th grade, I created my blog, iRunGracePace on Tumblr. The name was inspired by my teammates, who used to tell me that the pace I ran was “Grace pace.” I grew this blog by having daily posts about my life and grew a community of people with similar interests.

In 12th grade, I expanded my personal brand to Instagram where I created an Instagram for running and food art. I also had meet-ups with people I’ve met on social media and collaborated with companies to do reviews and giveaways.

In college, I continued to use social media to influence people to live a more positive life. As of today, I have over 35,000 followers.

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