• Virtual Biology is an article about my original educational virtual reality video game, Cell-fie.
  • Cell-fie was also featured on in December 2017.
  • Cell-fie was featured in Santa Clara University’s Innovating with a Mission campaign video
  • I was interviewed on the Lost My Topic podcast.
  • My food art has been featured on large platforms such as Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Spoon University, The Feed Feed, Hello Kitty Europe, Youth Runner Magazine, Snack It Up, Driscoll’s Berries, Peanut Butter & Co, Perfect Bar, Glutino Foods, Whole Me, Rickaroons, NutraLeaf, Zing Bars, That’s It, Earnest Eats, Nature’s Bakery, and many more.


  • Delivering the Goods is an article about my research on gene therapy in Dr. Bill Lu’s lab in Santa Clara University’s Bioengineering Department.
  • My research was also featured on the homepages of the School of Engineering, Bioengineering, and Computer Science/Engineering in Fall 2017 – Winter 2018.

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