This is a collection of my featured original artwork. Each one has a story. Biology, video games, and anime inspire me. More artwork can be found on my art Instagram, @Candyleaf_

cell-fie 4 seasons treehousee
4 Seasons Treehouse
Thylakoid Island
Thylakoid Island
cell-fie vess vesicle room
Vess Vesicle’s Room
Glucose Fruit Shop
Glucose Fruit Shop
cell-fie mushroom plant potion shop
Mushroom Plant Potion Shop
Cell-fie Peanut Butter and Jellyfish house restaurant
Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish Restaurant
Hema Hemocyte
Hema Hemocyte riding down a capillary with a Hemoglo-bunny
Dancing to the Beat of the Cardiomyocytes
Dancing to the Beat of the Cardiomyocytes
cell-fie gfp and rfp jellyfish gijinka
GFP and RFP Jellyfish Character
cell-fie pena penguin
Pena Penguin
Cell-fie Lana's house
Lana Plant’s Photosynthetic House
cell-fie rainbow thylakoid castle
Thylakoid Islands with a Rainbow Pigment Castle and Sugar Cube Bushes
DENA DNA with DNA polymerase
cell-fie ribo's studio
Soma Ribosome’s Polypeptide Studio
Lyz Lysosome with vesicles fully loaded with hydrolytic enzymes
cell-fie soma ribosome
Soma Ribosome