Design Resources

These are some design resources that I personally found helpful that I’ve found myself and shared in Design Buddies!

Resource Compilations

Learning Design

Students Who Design

Degreeless Design

Start UX Design

Laws of UX

Design Challenge Generator

UX Research Tools Map

Awesome Design People List (Mentors)


UX Collective

Booklets (bite sized learning)

Design Communities

Design Buddies (Discord)

Asian Creative Network (Facebook)

ACN: UX (Facebook)

Designers Guild (Facebook)

UX Wizards (Meetup)

Hexagon UX (Slack)

Design X (Slack)

Design Tools

Miro (Journey Mapping)

Figma (Prototyping)

Coolers (Color palette generator)

Undraw (Open-Source Illustrations)

Marvel App (User Testing)

Artboard Studio (Mockups)

Trello (Product Management)

Notion (Organizing My Life. Personal plan free with .edu email)