Commission Information

Full Body: $35 USD (+ $25 for each additional person + $5 for each additional detail and background element)

cell-fie gfp and rfp jellyfish gijinka             cell-fie hema attack             OC_Maple

Environments/Buildings – $80 USD

cell-fie rainbow thylakoid castle        cell-fie 4 seasons treehousee        cell-fie vess vesicle room

I have also done other projects such as logos, company mascots, Discord server icons, music album covers, and 3D models/animations with rates depending on the complexity of the piece.

Time taken will range between 3 days and 6 weeks, depending on my personal schedule and the complexity of the artwork.

Money can be sent via Venmo or Paypal. Please email me at, message me on Discord (Candyleaf #7782), message me on my art Instagram (@Candyleaf_) or message me on Facebook ( I will start when payment is received.

Please be as detailed you can be with your request. I will send you the outline and you have the freedom to critique it for me to make one iteration. You can also provide me with a color palette if you’d like. After I color it, no changes will be made. Any changes requested after coloring will be charged based on how long it takes me at $35/hour.

Thank you!