What is Cell-fie?

Cell-fie Concept and Characters © Grace Ling 2016 – 2017

Cell-fie is an idea for a biology-inspired role-playing simulation/MMORPG game started near the end of 2016 by Grace Ling.

Why “Cell-fie”?

Players can create their own character that resembles themselves, then obtain skills of different organelles as they level up and complete quests.

Wow, that’s such a cool concept. Can I learn more about Cell-fie?

Of course! Players start off as level 1 in the cytosol. They gain levels by slaying monsters and completing quests from the organelle leaders. When they reach level 5, they can talk to one leader and complete their respective quests to gain skills of that organelle.

For example, my username is Grace and want the ability to code for proteins so I talk to Nella Nucleus. I follow Nella’s guidance and after proving her my strength, I become Grace Nucleus. When I reach level 10 and defeat mutation monster, Nella grants me the first specialization and now I have the skill to repair mutations.

After I reach level 20, I can learn new skills as I follow the respective leader’s pathways. When I reach level 100 and decide to become a specific cell (let’s say that I chose neuron), I talk to Rony Neuron, defeat Alzheimer’s Alien (boss), and now I become Grace Neuron.

When I reach level 200, I can talk to the organism leaders and become an organism. Under their guidance, I am mostly on my own. If I decide to become a human, I start off as a baby and work my way to becoming an adult in my dream career. If I decide to become a unicorn, I will move to Rainbow Waterfalls and spend the rest of my life with my Unicorn friends and going on sparkly quests. However, keep in mind that whatever you become, you have to already by one of the types of cells that exist in that organism. For example, if you are a Dinoflagellate, you can not become a cow.

When you are an organism, you may obtain a job. For example, if you chose human, you can chose to be a real estate agent and build a city, working with civil engineering humans. If you chose to work with Elli, the peanut butter and jellyfish, she will guide you on how to start you own restaurant. And so on!

Every time you level up, new places are unlocked for to explore and be enriched with biological and medical knowledge.

During your journey, you can meet new friends to form guilds. There are special quests and boss monsters accessible by guilds.

However, if you are disrespectful to other players, you may be reported to the game masters. Failure to comply with multiple warnings will make you become virus and you won’t be able to make any friends.

Leaders List

Organellar Specialization

Klora Kloroplast 

Mito Mitokondria

Nella Nucleus

Vess Vesicle


Ollie Vacuole

Lyz Lysosome

Soma Ribosome 

Luma Endoplasmic Reticulum

Cellular Specialization

Rony Neuron

Cella Muscle

Oz Osteoblast

Hema Hemocyte

Lana Plant

Ino Dinoflagellate

Unji Fungi

Alga Algae

And more.

Organismal Specialization

Elli Jellyfish

Leala Leaf

Uma Human

Corn Unicorn

Ossie Moss

Ood Redwood

Cora Cow

Rooney Mushroom

And more.