Cell-fie Concept and Characters © Grace Ling 2017 – 2018

Cell-fie is a biology-inspired virtual reality role-playing and simulation game that aims to gamify learning created by Grace Ling.

Why “Cell-fie”?

Players create their own character that resembles themselves, then obtain abilities of different organelles and cells as they level up and complete quests.

Awesome! Can I see a gameplay demo?

Of course! Here’s my latest video:

Wow, that’s so cool. Can you tell me more?

Of course! The objective of Cell-fie is to gamify the biological and chemical learning experience. It is a role-playing and simulation game in virtual reality, offering players the opportunity to see what it’s like being a cell. They also get to customize their characters and surroundings.

The goal in Cell-fie is to evolve into an organism. Users start off as an organelle, then can gain levels by doing quests to evolve a cell, then finally an organism. Through this process, they will learn about the biological concepts along the way in an interactive environment.

Press Releases

1. Santa Clara University Home Page – December 2017

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Article link

2. VR Meets Biology Meets Video Games: Introducing Cell-fie – February 2018

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3. Grace Ling Leads Cell-fie Team to Imagine Basic Biology in Game Environment – February 2018

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4. Meet Grace Ling: Cell-fie’s Team Leader – April 2018

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Cell-fie VR Final Presentation – Grace Ling (PDF)