Original Characters

Here are my original characters. They are all for Cell-fie, or characters for stories I made up in the past with assigned personalities. Their full description can be found by clicking on their name.

LeafStory-Klora Kloroplast
Klora Kloroplast
LeafStory- Mito
Mito Mitokondria
LeafStory- Nella Nucleus
Nella Nucleus
LeafStory- Nella magic
Nella Nucleus’s Transformation
benzene bear
Bena Benzene
LeafStory - DENA DNA.png
LeafStory - Vess Vesicle.png
Vess Vesicle
LeafStory- Vacuole.png
Ollie Vacuole
cell-fie soma ribosome
Soma Ribosome
Cell-fie - Rony Neuron - nella transformation
Rony Neuron
Peach gijinka.png


Cell-fie Leala Leaf.png
Leala Leaf


Cell-fie Hema Hemocyte.png
Hema Hemocyte


Ell Jellyfish Cell-fie.png
Elli Jellyfish