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This is DENA DNA. She is one of my original characters in Cell-fie. DENA has the ability to make nucleotides, while Nella Nucleus helps code them into proteins with the help of their ribosome succulents. She is Nella Nucleus’ best friend and roommate in the nucleus. They both work together to design proteins.

I have more drawings on my blog and art Instagram.

Cell-fie, Cell-fie, Drawings, Organelles, Original Characters, Vess Vesicle

Vess Vesicle

LeafStory - Vess VesicleThis is Vess Vesicle, a character in Cell-fie.  Her job is to walk along microtubules to deliver vesicles in the cytosol of a cell to their designated places. She obtains the vesicles from the Golgi apparatus and then delivers them to their proper cellular location based on their localization signals. Her shoes are made of jello, enabling her to travel faster and jump over proteins. She enjoys running and parkour.

She is inspired by 1:15 of this video.

I have more drawings on my blog and art Instagram.


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Plant House

Cell-fie Lana's house.png

This is Lana Plant’s house in Cell-fie. Lana planted it herself with her plantastic photosynthetic powers. Her house runs on glucose via glycolysis as well as hydroelectric power, it’s entirely self-sustaining. The plumbing system relies on water from the central vacuole.

I have more drawings on my blog and art Instagram.

Cell-fie, Cell-fie, Molecules, Original Characters

Bena Benzene

benzene bear.png

This is Bena Benzene, a character in Cell-fie, having a picnic with Benzene Bear, eating Benzene Berry sandwiches. She is another original character for a future video game/manga I will design. Bena loves to plant and eat Benzene Berries, and her specialty is that she can use these berries to make anything smell good and customize scents with those aromatic rings. She also lives in the purple benzene house, while Benzene Bear lives in the pink one.

In addition, Benzene Tree Bear is the guardian of the Benzene Berries and she lives in the 5 membered aromatic ring house on the tree.

I have more drawings on my blog and art Instagram.