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Ollie Vacuole

LeafStory- Vacuole.png

This is Ollie Vacuole, a character in Cell-fie. I drew her while watching Finding Dory on the plane. She is one of my original characters for a future video game/manga that I plan to create. She lives in VacuOcean and her job is to be the guardian and distributer of the Jelly (Green = cell’s nutrients, Red = cell’s waste) to make sure they go to their respective locations within the cell. Ollie has a bubbly personality, which allows her to create more Vacuole bubbles to store elements in different places of the cell.

PhotoJell is Ollie’s helpful friend. She is a jellyfish that helps bring the products of photosynthesis (Glucose only because oxygen gets diffused out) by Klora Kloroplast as well as the cell’s waste products in and out of VacuOcean.

I have more drawings on my drawing Instagram.