Nella Nucleus, Organelles

Nella’s Transformation

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When Nella Nucleus (a character in Cell-fie) reaches level 10 and defeats the boss, Mutation Monster, she gets a job advancement! Nella lives inside a nucleus and enjoys studying genetic codes. Her initial job is to make mRNA. When she gets a job advancement, she unlocks the skill of fixing mutations in the genome. She works together with DENA DNA, who makes the nucleotides, to accomplish this. 

Here’s Nella before her job advancement.

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Nella Nucleus

LeafStory- Nella Nucleus

Nella is a character in Cell-fie. She lives inside a nucleus and enjoys studying genetic codes since her job is to make mRNA. In addition, she grows ribosome succulents made from the rRNA that her nucleolus couch has produced. The windows are nuclear pores that lead to the cytoplasm where she releases her ribosome succulents once they are fully grown. Ribosomes help her bring her creations to life by translating the mRNA that she has made into proteins.

Nella’s hair is also made of chromatin, consisting of tightly wound up DNA and positively charged histone proteins to hold it all together in an orderly fashion.

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