Cell-fie, Klora Kloroplast, Organelles

Thylakoid Island

Cell-fie thylakoid Island.png

Thylakoid Island is a location in Cell-fie. It’s located on Chloroplanet and inhabits positive protons and excited electrons. Glucose apples and glucose berries, the source of food, grow here. The chlorophyll farms also make it the planet’s largest source of chlorophyll.

Drawn with Apple Pencil + iPad Pro + PaintStorm.

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Cell-fie, Klora Kloroplast

Klora Kloroplast

This is Klora Kloroplast and her pet, Klorophyll. She lives in Stroma Society (city) in Kloroplanet and gets to places on Kloroplanet by jumping on thylakoid jello. Her job is to create glucose using carbon dioxide and water.

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