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Leala Leaf

Cell-fie Leala Leaf

Leala Leaf is a character in Cell-fie, in the Organism guild. She possesses the ability to photosynthesize, therefore has endless energy and endurance since she does not need to consume food. However, darkness and the night time is her weakness, if she isn’t careful about harvesting enough light energy during the day time, she will need to sleep all night.

I have more drawings on my blog and drawing Instagram.

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Ollie Vacuole

LeafStory- Vacuole.png

This is Ollie Vacuole, a character in Cell-fie. I drew her while watching Finding Dory on the plane. She is one of my original characters for a future video game/manga that I plan to create. She lives in VacuOcean and her job is to be the guardian and distributer of the Jelly (Green = cell’s nutrients, Red = cell’s waste) to make sure they go to their respective locations within the cell. Ollie has a bubbly personality, which allows her to create more Vacuole bubbles to store elements in different places of the cell.

PhotoJell is Ollie’s helpful friend. She is a jellyfish that helps bring the products of photosynthesis (Glucose only because oxygen gets diffused out) by Klora Kloroplast as well as the cell’s waste products in and out of VacuOcean.

I have more drawings on my drawing Instagram.

Cell-fie, Rony Neuron

Rony Neuron

Cell-fie - Rony Neuron - nella transformation.png

Rony Neuron is one of my characters in Cell-fie. She helps with the neuronal cellular specialization after players reach level 100 if they chose that pathway. She has the power to control people’s emotions and thoughts because she can synthesize neurotransmitters. She also has a pet, Neury Neuron who helps her store her neurotransmitters as well as guide her as to which ones to synthesize. I also have more drawings on my drawing Instagram.