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Rony Neuron

Cell-fie - Rony Neuron - nella transformation.png

Rony Neuron is one of my characters in Cell-fie. She helps with the neuronal cellular specialization after players reach level 100 if they chose that pathway. She has the power to control people’s emotions and thoughts because she can synthesize neurotransmitters. She also has a pet, Neury Neuron who helps her store her neurotransmitters as well as guide her as to which ones to synthesize. I also have more drawings on my drawing Instagram.

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Soma Ribosome

cell-fie soma ribosome.png

Soma Ribosome is another one of my original characters in Cell-fie. Soma enjoys arts and crafts, especially sculpting. She is very coordinated, like a surgeon. Making sure that the alpha helices and beta pleated sheets in the secondary protein structure go smoothly requires immense precision.

Soma is on a team with Nella Nucleus and DENA DNA as they all work together to make proteins in the cell. Nella sequences the gene for the protein, DENA helps make nucleotides/mRNA/tRNA/Soma’s rRNA, and Soma helps turn Nella’s creations into real life! I also have more drawings on my drawing Instagram.